Background on the WRDC

The WRDC, located at the Main Geophysical Observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia, serves as a central depository for solar radiation data collected at over 1000 measurement sites throughout the world.

The WRDC was established in accordance with Resolution 31 of WMO Executive Committee XVIII in 1964. The WRDC centrally collects, archives and published radiometric data from the world to ensure the availability of these data for research by the international scientific community.

The WRDC archive contains the following measurements (not all observations are made at all sites):

Global solar radiation
Diffuse solar radiation
Downward atmospheric radiation
Sunshine duration
Direct solar radiation (hourly and instantaneous)
Net total radiation
Net terrestrial surface radiation (upward)
Terrestrial surface radiation
Reflected solar radiation
Spectral radiation components (instantaneous fluxes)
At present, this online archive contains a subset of the data stored at the WRDC. As new measurements are received and processed, they are added to the archive. The archive currently contains all available data from 1964-1993.